Magazine: Something In The Way

Role: Founder, Co-Creative & Editorial Director

Dates: 2005-2007

Description: I was trying to get a full-color perfect-bound magazine—Public—off the ground but was having difficulty securing funding. In frustration I decided that whatever it took I was going to launch a publication the next week—no investment, no hesitation, no second guessing. In that spirit I named it after the Nirvana song I was listening to at that very moment. It was Sunday, and the next morning I walked into our shared workspace at 393 Broadway in Lower Manhattan and announced that we were starting a magazine.


Toni Torres, Darren Crawforth and I got to work. Darren designed the perfectly ligatured logo, Phil Knott created photo/collage artworks for the cover, and we commissioned all the photographers we knew to shoot stories. Newsprint wasn't as common for art/fashion titles then, in fact it was quite rare, and we had to hunt for a printer who could do it for us We found a Korean guy who printed newspapers for taxi drivers. He had no idea what we were up to, and couldn't read English anyway, but he printed it for us. 

I was inspired to make a newsprint title because I remembered that as a teenager I had been really impressed with Manipulator, a broadsheet-sized newsprint title from London. After the first issue of SITW was circulated we were invited to be part of Visionaire's Mega-Zines show about independent fashion titles, including original copies of i-D and other seminal vintage pieces. When I arrived at the showroom I was stunned to see my SITW sitting on a shelf right alongside an old copy of Manipulator. It had made a circle complete.


Toni Torres

Phil Knott

Eddie Monsoon