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Client: Asprey
Agency: King & Partners
Role:  Web Site Copy & Content Strategy
Description: Asprey had been a stately presence on London’s Old Bond Street for over two centuries. They challenged King & Partners to refresh the site design and inject the new site with the brand’s distinct personality. We interwove product imagery with brand stories, told in the Asprey tone of voice, reflecting the sense of savoir-faire and always-appropriateness that we felt the brand embodied. Gifting is key to the brand so we created a unique gift-finder with a witty diagnostic tool to guide users to the item that was “just right.” Another feature was The Atrium, a branded content section designed to show how Asprey products could live in the modern home through editorial-style content. Asprey wanted copy that was quite florid and British, that communicated the quality of their products, but also the whimsy that pulled them all together. Gifting is their strong suit, so they wanted to wittily imply that “to give is as good as to receive”

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